Managed Investments

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              Morningstar Inc, established in 1984, provides independent research to individual and institutional investors.  Since 2007 Planners Financial Group has worked closely with Morningstar.  These portfolios are the result of rigorous quantitative analysis.

              Morningstar develops specialized, diversified portfolios for many of our clients.  Although, we at Planners Financial Group have the expertise to manage our clients portfolios, we think it makes sense to allow Morningstar, the research provider, make investment decisions in real time as opposed to us reacting on dated research.  All advisors at a local level meet with clients, take vacations, and sleep.  During these periods they are not able to have 100% focus on rapidly changing market conditions around the world that effect your portfolio.  Morningstar has a team of Certified Financial Analysts who monitor their portfolios.  Even while you are asleep, Morningstar CFAs in Europe and Asia will be monitoring your investments.

              Provideing a wide range of innovative solutions and drawing on Morningstar's resources, Morningstar Investment Services uses its expertise in asset allocation, investment selection, and portfolio construction to create world-class investment strategies, all designed to be a fundimental part of a long-term investing plan.  In a market where access to market intelligence and understanding the impact of world affairs can challenge even the best individual investors, Morningstar provides an important layer of risk management investment insight and confidence.  


Fundamentals for Investors

An educational eBook designed to help grasp concepts like asset allocation, diversification, market timing, and the importance of retirement planning.


Markets Observer

Updated quarterly, this piece explains market returns and economic events in a clear, compelling way.


Volatility Kit

Gain insight from the team at Morningstar Investment Services and how to best prepare for a volatile market.