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Our Process


How We Plan Your Future Together


At Planners Financial Group, we use a disciplined, unbiased approach in helping you plan your financial future. We do not lead with products, but seek to uncover your goals and find the path that will help you pursue them.



     STEP 1

     Establish and define our relationship 



     STEP 2

     Gather your data, including your goals 



     STEP 3

     Analyze and evaluate your financial situation 



    STEP 4

     Develop and present our financial planning recommendations to you 



     STEP 5

     Discuss, consider, and implement the financial planning recommendations, if you      

    decide to do so 



     STEP 6

     Monitor the financial planning recommendations to ensure we are pursuing your

    goals. Learn about how our Technology helps you and your advisors to better monitor

    your finances.    


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